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ULTRA Multi (without iron)

Same great formula as the Ultra Multi but without the iron. A.J.'s Ultra Multi is formulated for males who have sufficient iron in their diets from high iron foods, such as meat, and high iron content water.

Retail Price (USD)$41.60
Wholesale Price   $28.20

ULTRA Multi (with iron)

The Ultra Multi is the premium upgrade to the Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) original multivitamin, which is now our economy multi. The Ultra Multi provides all the benefits of the original DNS multi plus 38 new ingredients.

Retail Price (USD)$41.60
Wholesale Price  $28.20

DNS Economy Multi

The DNS Economy Multi contains over one dozen supplements in one formula providing significant levels of every nutrient considered important for human health, all in a balanced form to work synergistically for optimum effectiveness. It is the original ALTRUM multivitamin formula.

Retail Price (USD)$31.80
Wholesale Price   $21.50



Longevity Enzymes

Longevity Enzymes support metabolic enzymes that run and renew our bodies. Ultra Daily Enzymes, our food enzyme formula, supports digestive enzymes which digest our foods. Both ALTRUM Enzyme Formulas help you fully maximize and conserve your body's life-supporting and youth-renewing metabolic enzymes.

Retail Price (USD)$35.85
Wholesale Price $25.35



Ultra Daily Enzymes

Ultra Daily Enzymes is an all-natural, high potency, digestive enzyme supplement replacing enzymes lost in food. Ultra Daily Enzymes supplies powerful, plant-derived food enzymes to digest protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, milk, lactose, beans/legumes and many other nutritional factors releasing their life-supporting nutrients.

Retail Price (USD)$35.85
Wholesale Price  $24.85



Daily Enzyme Support

Daily Enzyme Support is the economy version of Ultra Daily Enzymes. Experience the original ALTRUM enzyme formula at an economy price. It is a great starter enzyme product.

Retail Price (USD)$19.40
Wholesale Price   $14.10

Children's Chewable Multi

Children’s Chewable Multi contains ingredients from the Ultra Multis that are suitable for children one and a half years and older or for adults who prefer a chewable multi.

Retail Price (USD)$18.35
Wholesale Price   $12.35

Ultra Probiotics™

Probiotics play an essential role in maintaining overall health by supporting the digestive and immune systems.

Retail Price (USD)$36.75
Wholesale Price   $24.95

ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements are manufactured in the U.S.A.