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Joint Formula Eases Dealer's Discomfort

Dealer Monty Osborne's medication for rheumatoid arthritis was reduced twice after he started using Joint Formula. "The only thing I've done different is start taking ALTRUM Joint Formula."* "The doctor read the Joint Formula label and said: "'Keep taking them.'" I feel better now than I've felt in years."

-Dealer Monty Osbourne


Ultra Daily Enzymes - A New Lease on Life

Dealer Tom Hazlett suffered for years from digestive trouble. "I started taking Ultra Daily Enzymes and I have not had stomach cramps since. I can eat and get back in the truck and go. It has been like a new lease on life. The Ultra Multi and Ultra Daily Enzymes pack the one-two punch I need. I haven't felt this good in so many years I couldn't even begin to tell you."*

-Dealer Tom Hazlett


'I Never Would Have Endured...'

Dealer Gary Bailes of Florida relies on ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements to help him in his tough work schedule.

"I work as a foreman in the nuclear power industry in Florida part of the year," Bailes said. "I never would have endured the long 12-hour days, seven-day weeks for months at a time without A.J.'s Ultra Multis and A.J.'s Roborant Energy."


Renews Energy with ALTRUM

Marty Johnson started taking ALTRUM supplements in 2009 because he was worn out at the end of the day. At 34, he often had problems with his stomach and his circulation was bad.

"Ultra Multi is my favorite because it has so many of the things my body needs and I feel healthier and more energetic," Johnson said. "The Ultra Multi alone has made me feel much better."


'I Have Extra Energy With ALTRUM Supplements'

At 52, Direct Jobber Marla Stauffer takes the full complement of ALTRUM supplements to protect her health. "I have a healthy immune system and rarely get sick," she said. "I've noticed in the last years, I have lots of energy and need much less sleep than in the past."*

Stauffer believes ALTRUM products help her maintain healthy skin, a steady weight and low body fat for a healthy heart and arteries. "I have no depression or joint pain," she said. "I have a good memory and love to laugh — probably all benefits of taking ALTRUM products. When I miss a day of takingmy supplements, I know it. There is absolutely no question that I have extra energy and am very healthy with the ALTRUM food supplements."*

Vision Power Helps Ease Eye Strain *

Stauffer started noticing changes in her eyesight serveral years ago and again looked to ALTRUM supplements to help. "In the fall of 2008, I started taking three Vision Power capsules a day and soon noticed improvement. I have less eye strain from using the computer every day, no eye strain when reading, I can thread needles again, and I don't mind night driving like I used to. My eyesight is definitely improving." *



"My favorite ALTRUM supplement is the Ultra Daily Enzymes. Within days of first taking them I could tell the enzymes were improving my digestion. I had less gas production and no heartburn. I was immediately happy with the product. I have just never had an enzyme product that worked so well."

-Preferred Customer Jake Dale


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